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Recycling Perks



Recycling Perks was started in partnership with TFC Recycling in May of 2010 as a vehicle to provide recycling incentives to current and future residential customers. Because of this partnership, Recycling Perks was afforded the ability to develop a program that is mutually beneficial to municipalities, residents and the communities they live in. We also work with Keep Norfolk Beautiful, an established organization that serves to develop a culture of environmental sustainability and stewardship throughout the city of Norfolk. Our mission is to educate people about the importance of recycling and how it impacts our environment. As an incentive for recycling, we give our members reward points that can be redeemed at various local businesses that have partnered with us in our mission. This boosts the local economy which aids cities and its residents alike. In addition to our incentive program, we offer a GIVE BACK campaign which acts as a fundraiser for organizations in need of financial assistance. These funds can be used for upcoming events, projects, or the organization as a whole. It's our way of giving back to those that give to others while spreading the love of recycling.

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