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Monarch 2 Monarch (M2M) Mentorship Program


The Monarch 2 Monarch (M2M) mentoring program is designed to cultivate the monarch mind by creating scholastic peer-to-peer relationships among incoming and upperclassmen monarchs. The Monarch 2 Monarch mentoring program will grant freshmen students the opportunity to receive additional assistance while transitioning into college by being assigned an upperclassman mentor. The purpose of this program is to create peer-to-peer relationships among freshmen students and upperclassmen so freshmen are able to feel more comfortable being in their new monarch territory. This will be a voluntary program for both those who wish to become a mentor and those who wish to get mentored.

For interest or questions, please contact the Center for Service & Civic Engagement:
Phone: 757-683-6948
Address: Suite 1063 Webb University Center
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