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Volunteer Management

An all-in-one system to manage, communicate, register and schedule your one-time and ongoing volunteers with shifts, a calendar and a database

We love GivePulse! It’s user friendly for our young and elder volunteers, and allows nonprofits like us to reach a target audience instantly. There are so many uses that I am constantly amazed at the capabilities!

Debra Silva, Catholic Charities of San Antonio
Director of Volunteer Services
Be like Debi!


Schedule one-time and ongoing volunteers individually or in a group and do the reporting you need

  • Schedule
    Set up orientation dates, one-time events, or ongoing opportunities in a calendar or list
  • Group Registration
    Enable individuals, clubs and business groups to create accounts to streamline registration and management
  • Kiosk or Mobile App
    Use a desktop, kiosk or mobile device to sign-in individuals, clock in or out volunteers, track hours, attendance and our metrics


Set up and customize the onboarding and application form so individuals and groups can sign up

  • Custom Application
    Customize your membership or volunteer application to include an orientation video, inputs, waivers and other critical fields
  • Membership Payment
    Set up payment along with the application to fund additional items (t-shirts, background checks, and other items)
  • Review and Approve
    Review, edit, deny and approve applications to determine if they can join or be a member


Collect and track all your data in one single place

  • All-in-one
    From event data, volunteer applications, to hours and attendance, we help aggregate and bring all the data together for you to review
  • Data Collection
    Customize the database to include additional variables and columns to track metrics and data you want from an administrative standpoint
  • Reporting
    Organize all data related to your volunteers and create, review and export reports to determine where volunteers are in the application process, how active they are, who the most active is, etc.,


Communicate and message specific individuals, groups and people with your tagging system

  • Message
    Communicate with specific individuals in an event, and subgroup, create a listserv or filter by a common tag to reach specific individuals and groups
  • Email Templates
    Customize the emails you want to send out so it aligns with the tone and verbiage following the mission and goals of your organization
  • Automated Emails
    Determine if there are automated reminders and emails you should send out and customize

Subgroups & Individuals

Subgroups and individuals can create and oversee their own profiles to track, review and run their own impact reports

  • Organize
    Subgroups can be groups of people, programs, departments, chapters or categories. Subgrouping allows you to create a separate portal for individuals and members to join as unique stakeholders over a specific project or initiative.
  • Hierarchy
    Whether you use subgroups as a way to create unique pages for members or as a way to organize people, our hierarchy management allows you to show the connections, links and partnerships within your whole network.
  • Reporting
    Since each subgroup can be tied to a hierarchy or be independent, administrators or managers of the group have abilities to do their own reporting or allow you to collectively pull all the data in the hierarchy together